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Effective May 15, 2022, the agency exited the NASA COVID-19 Response Framework and lift all COVID-related occupancy restrictions.

Mask wearing is left to each individual’s personal preference. Many people will choose to continue to wear masks, and those choices should be respected. Individuals who are immunocompromised should check with their physicians to determine the need to wear a mask.

Click on the links below to access tools and resources available to NASA Langley personnel:

Langley Ombudsman Team (click down arrow for more information)

All NASA centers have established Ombudsman Programs with one or more Ombuds available to listen to an employee’s concerns and jointly explore and evaluate options that can be taken to address the problem. Every NASA Ombuds performs this function on a part time basis in addition to their regular work responsibilities, but we make ourselves available even during non-duty hours and do our best to accommodate last minute and urgent requests for services. This service is provided to all center personnel – including civil servants, on-site contractors and students.

We provide employees with an informal (no written record of correspondence, or notice required), independent (we do not have a formal reporting structure within the organization and have access to center leadership in order to bring about resolution or assist with clarity on policy/procedure/guidance), confidential (100%), and neutral means of communicating and facilitating the resolution of safety, organizational performance, and mission-related issues without fear of retribution.

The Ombuds are not licensed psychologists (available through EAP), but we are trained and appointed to help resolve work-related conflicts – with no judgement or bias. In general, we offer: fair process advocacy, third party diplomacy (for interpersonal conflict or concerns), coaching, mentoring and dispute resolution. We can provide referrals to formal resources as necessary and/or request information confidentially for an informed decision on next steps. As our current remote working situation evolves, we will make ourselves available to help with (not limited to) feelings of isolation and frustration, concerns about the future, changes in team dynamic, diminishing or increased workload, addressing loneliness or challenges with work-life-balance and any other issues that arise as a result of working through a time of uncertainty and change. An Ombudsman can act as a link, with your permission, between you and management to facilitate problem resolution. At the discretion of the Ombudsman, and in keeping with the confidentially principle, an issue or trend can be elevated to the Center Director.

The preferred method of contacting an Ombudsman is by personal visit or by phone. Sending an e-mail message is also a contact method, but employees using that mode should be aware of its potential for compromising confidentiality. We are making the below contact information available for our Ombudsman Team during the current teleworking situation – video conferencing and webex are available upon request as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help.


Clarence Bostic 



Dale Castle


REACH Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (click down arrow for more information)

EAP services are made available to you by your employer to assist you and your family members with personal, family and job-related problems. Topics addressed can be related to job stress, relational issues, parenting and family problems, depression and anxiety symptoms, balancing work/life needs, drug or alcohol abuse, and grief and loss issues. During the current health crisis regarding the Coronavirus, the EAP is certainly aware that any one or more of these issues can exacerbated. An EAP Counselor will confidentially aid you in the assessment and development of a plan of action to address the specific concern. The free services offered to you may include telephonic or face-to-face, short-term counseling and/or a referral to another provider with special expertise to properly assist you. For assistance or scheduling an appointment, please call 800-950-3434. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.


This site was established and populated to provide timely and pertinent information to NASA Langley personnel through the COVID-19 pandemic. All NASA Langley personnel should transition to using Inside Langley, the center’s intranet, for all information and resources to ensure you are getting current information from the source.